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Case Study

Specifications & Artwork

This is a truly innovative solution within the NPD marketplace. Not only can we now store all of our product specifications in one place, our timelines for launch and artwork costs have greatly reduced.
How do you centralise your product specification information and create the final artwork ?

A major brand approached Click-PLM to help them produce a specification database that would hold all of their product specifications and improve the transfer of data to artwork production. Specifications needed to be searchable across the product range, ensure legal compliance of nutritionals and ingredients and finally to be approved before artwork in order to reduce artwork amends.


Click-PLM developed a bespoke solution that we have hosted for our client that allows single sign-on for all users and produces a pre-approved Pack Copy output for the artwork house to append to artwork templates. Click-PLM

are currently enhancing this solution to generate the actual artwork directly from the system with a single click! This upgrade will further reduce artwork amends (to none!) and also further reduce the timescales to launch by removing the entire artwork house stage.


Some of the benefits include:

  • FIR Compliant to reduce risk and approval times

  • Large reduction in NPD cost and time to market using Single-Click Artwork

  • Non-Office based employees are now able to access product data and reports from any location

  • Reporting allows immediate identification of product groups containing chosen ingredients or terms

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