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Crafting Unforgettable Software Experiences


Our nimble and rapid development processes allow us to provide a working prototype of your software solution, at the tender stage of your project. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of your requirement at a very early stage of the process, and prevents you having to visualise software that would otherwise only be described in a paper tender.

We believe that this open and transparent process is unique to Click-PLM, and provides real insight into the benefits that the solution will bring to you even before contract award.

We'd love for you read some of our case studies available from the above menu, that illustrates some of our successes.


  • I've got too many spreadsheets creatng version issues, slow loading and difficulty viewing projects / business as a whole. Can you build us a secure online solution so all of my data i in one place and accessible from anywhere?

  • We seem to spend ages writing and sending emails. Can you build a solution that can automitically create bespoke emails and send them to our customers?

  • My team are spending too long performing repetitive tasks. Is there a clever solution that can streamline my organisation?

  • I cannot get decent reports from my company data. Can you build us a soluton so that i can analyse my data quickly and easily?

  • My company works on specific projects and there are no commerncially available software solutions that quite match our needs? Can you use your industry expertise to build us a bespoke solution?

  • We capture data in so many places that ive lost track. Can you help us bring everything together into one place?

  • We are spending too long emailing each other when it's 'their turn' to work on a project. Can you build us a system that can deal with our workflow?

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