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Case Study

Events Management

The best compliment that I can give you is that I didn't need to call for any assistance during the event, as it all ran so smoothly.
How do you schedule complex events and simulate scenarios to assess candidates?

A major financial services firm approached Click-PLM to help them deliver an assessment event for prospective senior candidates. This multi-day event required several stages of scheduling to ensure that all candidates had the most rigorous and impartial assessment of their abilities. The logistics of such an event requires that multiple rooms, actors and assessors be co-ordinated, and to be quickly re-organised in the case of last minute challenges. The event itself requires candidates to experience a day in the life their prospective new role.


A database solution was created to process the complex rule set required to schedule the event, and ensure that accurate timetables were created for each candidate, assessor and actor. Created using a flexible approach, this solution provided the ability to cherry-pick rules to apply, making it sufficiently versatile to be used for different events.


To provide an authentic experience for prospective candidates a closed email system was devised that automatically delivered emails simultaneously to all candidates throughout the event. Replies to these emails were collected, assessed and automatically filed, so that candidate packs could be generated.


Once assessments had taken place, scoring was centrally collated to provide real-time stats and overall benchmarking of candidates for admission.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Scheduling timescale reduced from three months to a matter of hours

  • Nimble turnaround from last minute challenges

  • Reduced personnel required during event due to automation

  • Happy candidates

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