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Case Study

Critical Path and Workflow

How do you gain visibility of all of your products as they progress through NPD?

A major retailer approached Click-PLM to help them achieve visibility of their thousands of product lines as they progressed their NPD critical paths. Previously all product development had been managed at a category level, which led to difficulty in viewing the product pipeline as a whole.


Using their in-house SharePoint technology, we devised a solution that enabled the Categories to retain ownership and visibility of their products, whilst simultaneously capturing all product data from all categories in a single platform. Powerful reporting enables real-time visibility of product progression, delays and workload whilst the system's workflow engine ensures on-time management and error reduction.


Some of the benefits include:

  • All reports pulled from one source and therefore one version of the truth

  • Automated reporting saves teams admin time in cross checking

  • SharePoint system so teams can access remotely

The database is proving to be an invaluable working tool and it will continue to be the information source for NPD, EPD and all Artwork and Spec Batching, ensuring we can track and launch products on time into store and can report accurately.
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